2015 Carcross Operation

This year the Bombardier 114 or and rebuilt Alco will carry the passengers from Skagway to Carcross and return. I hope to see some great images from the visitors of this web side. Please get in contact with me for showing your great image here.


GE 90 with special logo!

This is a rare image of the two GE's at Whitehorse. Special as the engine has the WP&YR ship logo, the first logo ever add to the new diesel fleet of the White Pass engines. Later the year or early 1958 the ship logo was removed and the first Thunderbird was painted to the engine. Exact data of the change is not know. Boerries Burkhardt Collection.

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Bennett run in 1981 or 1982

Skagway in 1981 or 1982

That's how it looked when a cruise ship arrived at Skagway back in the 1980's. Also in front of the cruise ship we see the White Pass vessel with his big container crane. The two Alcos were painted blue and all 1969 built seel coaches had the NO SMOKING sign. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt.

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