White Pass in LGB scale

Werner Grundmann show his Model of Bombardier 114

Werner Grundmann (right) of Victoria B.C. showed his model of the Bombardier 114 that he built from scratch to the White Pass & Yukon Route president John Finlayson (left). After the shovel nose engines, the class 90 General Electric, he built the 114 in brass. A wonderful craftsman work. Well done Werner! Image Allison Haas of WP&YR.

On3 Module

my On3 Whitehorse layout

Shown are the two section of the Whitehorse YT station. Segment 1 (right) the Whitehorse station, left the section 2, the old Fire Hall. Segment 3 (not shown) is the employee's house. All by Boerries Burkhardt


GO NORTH - White Pass ship "Frank H. Brown"

Spring arrived and many freight will go North to Skagway and the Yukon. We remember the days, when White Pass & Yukon Route had a fleet of two large container ships. Without them, the North would not be as we have it today. White Pass was the first company with full container service wiorldwide. By truck, ship and train.

GE 90

GE 90 at Lake Bennett

General Electric 90 short after the Thunderbird was added to the engines in 1958 or 1959. Boerries Burkhardt Collection

July 4, 2013

Baldwin 73 at the July 4th parade 2013

White Pass decorated the engine for the birthday of the United States, July 4th. Boerries Burkhardt Image.

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Bennett run in 1981 or 1982

Skagway in 1981 or 1982

That's how it looked when a cruise ship arrived at Skagway back in the 1980's. Also in front of the cruise ship we see the White Pass vessel with his big container crane. The two Alcos were painted blue and all 1969 built seel coaches had the NO SMOKING sign. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt.


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