642 Box Car 28' at Whitehorse (1963)

From a collection from Steve Hauff I received the image of old Box car 642 as storage shed in Whitehorse. The picture was taken in 1963.


656 Box Car at Skagway (2006)

This car has been moved and gives to the WP&YR by Paul Knapp from Skagway. Box Car 656 was the last surviving box car of his series 642 to 658. All other box cars were scrapped. In 1951 the official roster showed five other cars (642, 646, 652, 656 and 658) in operating conditions. 1958, 656 was the last one of his series in the WP&YR roster. By the end of 1958, the car went out of service as no older box car was listed in the 1959 roster.

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