1200 - Today used for work and rescue service

Here we see one of the "home made" heavy duty flat cars of the White Pass. Car 1200 is used for the work service as well as rescue car. Here he waits on the shop track for his load a cabin. Skagway June 1, 2005 by Boerries Burkhardt.


1200 - Detail of trucks

Skagway June 1, 2005. Image by Boerries Burkhardt


1200 - more detail incl. container cones

At this image you'll see the container cones on the flat car. The WP&YR used all their equipment during their freight day operation to carry container from Skagway to Whitehorse and back. Skagway June 1, 2005. Image by Boerries Burkhardt


1202 Flat Car


1203 Flat Car

A wonderful image of the deep center flat car 1203 at Skagway in 1976. Thanks to Dennis O'Berry for this nice image.

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