400 Series Flat Car at Skagway (1982)

David Othen visited the WP&YR a few month before they stopped peration in 1982, where he has seen the string of modified Anvil Ore Car at Skagway Yard. Augsut 1982.


425 Anvil Ore Car (1988)

Jim Halliwell was in Skagway at the first season after the rairoad closed in 1982. There we see Anvil flat car 425 at Skagway.


Till the end of freight service

Still in the winter of 1981 to 1982, the last year of freight service from Whitehorse into Skagway and return, the White Pass & Yukon used all different size of containers. Here we see the original long container as well as the rebuilt Anvil Ore cars, carrying two containers on the "fishbelly" cars. White Pass Image.

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