90 General Electric

General Electric #90

90 built by General Electric Co. in June 1954

Horsepower 1400
Serial Number 32060

Originally, GE pattern GEX3341. Purchased new. Converted to CERES 140 by Coast Engine & Equipment Co. in 2009.


GE 90 shortly after delivery (1954)

In this classic image we see the original fuel tank of GE 90 and 91. They had additional tanks below the standard tanks. Also there was no black separation stripe between the green and yellow colors. The snow plow was also green. The 3-chime Nathan horn was directly above the engineer's position at that time. Later it was moved to the center of the cab. Image collection of Boerries Burkhardt.


GE with extra air tank (1956)

Here we see the engine 90 short after delivery. She still has here air tank as well as the horn in the front position. This was removed later as too much snow blocked them in the winter time. Image collection of Boerries Burkhardt.


GE 90 with special logo!

This is a rare image of the two GE's at Whitehorse. Special as the engine has the WP&YR ship logo, the first logo ever add to the new diesel fleet of the White Pass engines. Later the year or early 1958 the ship logo was removed and the first Thunderbird was painted to the engine. Exact data of the change is not know. Boerries Burkhardt Collection.


GE 90 at Whitehorse (1959)

Kenneth Chivers (1928-1987) and Omer Lavallée were in Whitehorse in 1959 where they took an image of GE 90. Compared to the early 1950's image, the engine has now a black separation stripe between green and yellow as well as a silver snow plow. On the flat cars you see first generation containers. The green ones were for general freight, the orange ones were heated and the silver one was refrigerated.


GE 90 as switcher at Skagway (1969)

John McIntosh saw the engine in a light red yellow. It's proofed that the paint shop added some red into the yellow before they painted the engine 90 sometimes in the 1960's. That's the reason, why the color looks different to the previous and later images. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt.


GE 90 used as spare parts (1972)

James C. Herold was surprised to see GE 90 in such a bad shape. But it was common for the White Pass to always use one engine as spare parts supplier. When finally lots of parts were missing because they had been used in other engines, a large order was placed with General Electric. Here on June 19, 1972 the engine was without its trucks at Skagway yard.

90, 98, 95 and 91

Last year of freight operation (1981-82)

Four engines leading a mixed train with freight and passengers up to Whitehorse. GE 90, 98, 95 and 91, still in their full blue colors at Glacier. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt.


GE 90 in front of Skagway depot (1990)

Stan F. Styles was visiting the WP&YR in August 1990. There he took this picture of GE 90 with John Westfall on the throttle at Skagway station. The Nathan horn is now in the center of the cab. If you compare with the early picture from 1953 you see the difference.


GE 90 after a new paint job (2006)

During the visit of Boerries Burkhardt in June 2006, GE 90 received a new paint job, but because of a shortage of engines the WP&YR put John Westfall's favourite engine back into service before applying the lettering.


GE 90 without lettering (2006)

Here we see John Westfall's favourite engine shortly after a new paint job at June 19, 2006. The GE 90 has now the same green color like the GE 96.

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