93 General Electric


GE 93 with special Thunderbird (early 1960's)

Thanks to Carl Mulvihill for taking a closer view of the GE 93 in the late 1960's at Whitehorse. The word THUNDERBIRD can be seen below the Thunderbird. Only GE 93 had this special version. At that time the snow plow was painted in silver.


GE 93 after her accident (1967)

Roadmaster Bernard Kern took this picture of the remains of engines 95 and 93, which had gone down the mountainside in a mudslide. Brakeman Gary Sapp rode GE 93 five hundred feet down to the river. Sister engine 95 is seen behind 93. Picture from Kevin Sivils collection. According to my information, a new body was built at the CP shops at Ogden/Calgary. The trucks were however still the old ones. The engine was back in service in spring of 1968.


GE 95 at Whitehorse (1975)

David G. Steer visited the WP&YR in August 1975 where he captured the two GE's at Whitehorse. Engineer Don Hulk mentioned that the rebuilt engines had thicker handrails and even at night engines 93 and 95 could be recognized by their handrails.


93 and 97 at Whitehorse

Engine 93 shown in here fresh paint scheme GE 97 was painted earlier into this Federal Industries colors. Collection Boerries Burkhardt

93, ??, 100, 92

GE 93, ??, 100 and 92 at Skagway (1977)

A mixed train will soon depart to Whitehorse at August 1977. The fourheader consist of two GE's in the Federal Industrie colors. Only 4 GE's were repainted into these blue, white and orange colors. Collection Boerries Burkhardt


GE 93, 94 and Alco 100 (1979)

An extra Southbound freight train leaves Whitehorse when Dave Hardie took this photograph in September, 1979. GE 93 now wears the Federal Industries colors with the blue diamond logo on the cab front. More than one year later, all engines would be repainted in full blue.


GE 93 at Skagway shops (1990)

This shot by Stan F. Styles in August 1990 shows the blue livery that all engines received after November/December, 1980. Please notice the new standard exhaust stack that was also added at that time.


GE 93 inside the WP&YR shops (2003)

to be continued.........


GE 93 at Skagway (2006)

Over the years, the White Pass & Yukon Route went back to its original green and yellow colors. GE 93 is pictured in front of the Skagway shops. As later in the full blue livery, the lighted number plates on the side were gone. Image by Boerries Burkhardt June 8, 2006

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