95 General Electric


GE 95 and GE 96 at Whitehorse (1963)

Brad E. Smith took this great picture of the brand new engines in the late afternoon sun at Whitehorse in July 1963. Compared with the GE's delivered earlier, the new batch of 3 engines received a pointed V shape on the front between the green and yellow. Also, these engines were already delivered with multi connector plates.

GE 95

GE 95 and 96 after delivery (1963)

The two engines 95 and 96 are shown here at Skagway in June 1963. Image collection of Boerries Burkhardt


95 at Whitehorse

Engine 95 and 91 or 90 with another unknown diesel engine at Whitehorse. June 1971. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt.


GE 95 at Lake Bennett (1971)

Again we have GE 95 as extra run here at Bennett station in August, 1971. Because of the pointed V, this batch (GE 95-97) never received a Thunderbird. They received only the diamond logo around 1973. In this picture the engine is already rebuilt. GE 95 had gone down the mountainside with hoghead J.D. True in 1965. The engine remained for months near MP 8.3 before both engines 93 and 95 were recovered in fall 1966. The body was either totally rebuilt or built completely new at the Canadian Pacific's shop at Ogden (Calgary).


GE 95 and 92 at Utah Yard (1982)

The well known David Busse was lucky with a few other railroad fans who visited the railroad in 1982. A few month later the railroad stopped its operations for the first time in 80 years. A good looking GE 95 is standing at Whitehorse's Utah yard, the loading point for the Anvil ore containers. The 95-97 batch had also different handrails on the front of the cab. This picture permits to compare them with the second engine in the back, GE 92.


Winter Operation on the WP&YR

Not more today, but back in 1981/82, the White Pass & Yukon Route still operated the whole winter season.


GE 95 with the last passenger train at Whitehorse

Nobody thought that this would ever happen again, but on October 10, 1997 the first passenger train since October 1982 reached Whitehorse. Tim Kinvig of Whitehorse took the chance to take pictures of the engine


GE 95, last time at Whitehorse (1997)

Also Murray Lundberg of Carcross was at Whitehorse to watch the train on October 10, 1997. We see 95, now with a wider V and a Thunderbird, at the crossing of 2nd Street in Whitehorse. The train consists of two coaches and caboose 901.


GE 95 in work service at Log Cabin (2003)

On an early morning in May, 2003 at Log Cabin, with Dave Hunz' favourite engine 95. After the reopening as a summer tourist operation, the WP&YR shops switched horns between the engines. Now GE 95 has a 5-chime Nathan horn. Originally all GE's had 3-chime Nathan horns.

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