94 General Electric


GE 94 at Whitehorse (1963)

Brad E. Smith took this classic picture of GE 94 at Whitehorse in July 1963. A beautiful Thunderbird with a lot of gold trim. No Thunderbirds on the GE's were identical. Oskar Sellmer painted all of them individually. Even the Thunderbird's head is not always turned in the same direction.


GE 94 at Whitehorse's enginehouse (ca. 1975)

GE 94 was uses at this time as tail unit without a snow plow. Very clear can bee seen the bend that the engine got trough an accident with a tank car. Image is from Boerries Burkhardt's collection


GE 94 back from the engine (1980)

Again it is Steve Hauff with the great image from the back of the engine 94 in May 1980 at Skagway. Here were see the difference between the engines compared to GE 90 and 91 as well as difference between the green and yellow paint schemes. To mention that GE 92 to 100 had marker lights on the back. Sometimes the back was full green and here at GE 94 we have both colors. Today only a small part at the corner has the two colors. The rest of the back is green.


GE 94 with test pollution filter (2001)

Benoit Poulin took this interesting image of engine GE 94 in 2001. For test reason the engine received a pollution filter. I have no knowledge if there were regulations why the WP&YR added them to GE 94.


GE 94 near Gold Rush cemetery (2001)

Again it's Benoit Poulin who took the GE 94 with the test filter on top. At this image you also see the bend of the engines cab. The engine is still without a Thunderbird. .


GE 94 at Bennett (2006)

Boerries Burkhardt took the image of GE 94 during a special charter run to Bennett. The WP&YR started now more charter trains into this wonderful remote station. Please not the different and clean filter on the side of the engine.

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